The Unkindness of Kindness

‘Kindness is not kind,’ claimed he.

Subtle on the outside, it rages within.

Unlike I.

Fighting for a cause, causing a change.

Yeah, it does all of that but nothing’s free!

With kindred eyes, it lures you in,

No gifts In return. All in vain.

‘It doesn’t stop at you,’ said the Devil.

But makes you do it to others,

And others unto you.

Beware, it’s a vicious circle,

There’s no getting out!

But if you like, I can help you,

Just choose your vice.

I am not sure if this makes any sense. The idea of Satan talking on kindness suddenly popped in my head.

Doing good or being good is not easy. A virtue is not easily earned. When it is, it changes you. Your heart changes and you are in tune with the goodness in the universe. But ‘goodness’ doesn’t come easy.

We (at least I) have always pictured Satan as this red beast with horns, a tail and with a trident ready to strike. He is automatically to be blamed for everything we do wrong – the choices, the habits, the sins, crimes etc.

But what if he were a simple and misunderstood being/ fallen angel who just wanted us to know the ‘other’ side of virtues?

Wildflower Child

I am sorry.

For many things,

I misled you to believe.

Sorry, I truly am.

For I am not weak.

Nor fragile, delicate or beautiful.

You can’t bruise me,

Flatten, trample or pluck me swiftly.

For I am a wildflower,

Borne from the core,

Simple yet difficult,

Common but not easily found.

For I have braved the winds

And lashes of rain,

I have heard the mountains tremble

And the earth dissemble.

For I am the wildflower,

Deeply rooted in the earth within.

Letters to the Unbeloved #1

Letters to the Unbeloved #1, Anger

Dear A,

I was told you were my companion,my shadow since the day I was born. You were always with me, encouraging me tospeak my mind, to be the rebel with or without cause, to be a little feared attimes too. I welcomed our togetherness; you were the yin to my yang. In ourtime alone, you let me question life, the people in my life, my purpose, setand discard goals even. You become my solitude.

You were meant to be a part of meand not consume me wholly. I cannot remember the exact moment when youcompletely took over; making decisions, steering my life without my bearings,severing ties, forming ideas and deciphering life in general. As a part of the fabricof my being, your imprints caused me to be lost. While I meandered,floundering, missing footings, your courage bolstered. I continued to watch andwaited for you to conclude.

But I have waited long enough. Iwon’t let you run my life into the ground. While I will miss you, I need to letyou go as I choose me over you. Be sure, I won’t miss you. So here is my lastgoodbye, dear anger, we had a good run until you decided to go solo.

Yours Sincerely,


Please Note:

This is a fictional series used to vent out my innermost feelings. However, it is mostly fictional. If you like it and want to write a letter to an ex, an enemy or anyone you don’t share a happy feeling about, you are welcome to do so. I would love to feature your letter as a guest post!