10 Life Lessons Worth Learning from My Dog!

Recently I was at Shivaji Park on late night stroll with the husband. As we discussed our day, I could feel puppy eyes on me. Yes, this happens to me a lot. So naturally I went over to the pup to give it a few belly rubs.

I rarely meet dogs I don’t like. I think of it as a privilege they like me back. I am one of the lucky few (I know many who want to bring home a furry pal but can’t) who live with their pet.

I have lived with my dog for almost three years now and have quickly learnt that our schedules have to be managed keeping him as priority. This can be irksome but there are perks. So, I take this opportunity to share a few life lessons my dog has agreed (not so kindly) to impart!

Here goes:

1. Be accepting – acceptance is one of the most difficult things to come by. But it does. Bolt is our first dog and initially my mother, who wasn’t even remotely a dog loving person, was beyond terrified. Today, they are inseparable.

2. Be loyal – fiercely so! I don’t think there is anyone more loyal than a furry friend. It’s a gift really. Unless of course, the other party has biscuits!

3. Be a good friend – Bolt has a social life. He knows more people in our area than we could ever know. He meets and greet almost everyone daily. It can be a bit tiresome but he is patient that way.

4. Build your own routine – this is probably the biggest lesson I am yet to learn. Instead of rushing about things, Bolt takes things slowly. He has his own routine and no one can shake that.

5. Find joy in the simplest of things – another gem. We used to get him expensive toys but what he really likes is to chase us around the house. He loves to play with his tattered ball or even the newspaper will do. He loves walks even if it is to the local grocer. It’s the simple things that matter.

6. Be there for your friends – people often tell us that we think too much of Bolt, that he wouldn’t or doesn’t understand much. He is just a dog. These people are stupid. Bolt understands everything. He has been there for me emotionally. He is the joy of my life. He knows when mom or dad or the husband are unwell. He sits by them without any demands.

7. Accept people as they – Bolt has no qualms about the people he loves or cares about. He is just happy to meet them. He has no conditions.

8. Sleep. Eat. Rest. Repeat – this is the mantra of his life. If only I could try it… sigh!

9. Take chances – like any good Labrador, Bolt is curious. He wants to meet street dogs, cats and even babies. He has been slapped by cats multiple times and street dogs don’t pay him any heed. But he continues to try.

10. Keep the excitement up, always! This is another mantra of his life. He is always eager and excited to be included. He has a unique zest for life that I should aim to imbibe.

I could go on and on, write reams about Bolt. Whenever I watch him as sleeps or when he is simply looking out of the window, I feel contented. He gives me hope.